HCG Weight Loss Side Effects

When the HCG Weight Loss Program was first reported in the Medical Journal Lancet in November of 1954, it had already been used in thousands of cases. Since then, HCG Weight Loss injections have been used by many thousands more people who have learned how to lose weight fast and keep it off.  The HCG weight loss side effects have been mild and relatively few.  For many people who have tried everything under the sun, the HCG Weight Loss Program is being heralded as an absolute modern miracle. We want you to feel confident with your decision to use our HCG Weight Loss Program to lose weight fast and to understand the effects of HCG, and so we are presenting these HCG Side Effects which might arise while you are on the HCG Weight Loss Program.

HCG weight loss injections side effects are rare and mild.  There are four phases to the HCG Weight Loss Program:  (Phase 1) the binge phase, followed by (Phase 2) the very low calorie diet phase, followed by (Phase 3) the transition phase and (Phase 4) the maintenance phase.  When most people think of the HCG Weight Loss Program, they only think of the very low calorie diet in which they experience most of the effects of HCG injections. Actually, this phase only lasts about 40 days, and the other three phases are just as important. 

On the HCG Weight Loss Program, it is important to note that most people never experience any of these HCG side effects. They go through the HCG diet just fine and are very excited with their results on the HCG. If you do experience any of these HCG injections side effects, we want to be sure you know what to do about them.  As always, our clinical advisers are here to answer any questions.  Here are the primary HCG side effects and some suggestions on how to deal with them.

The most common side effect of HCG injections which people face is feeling hungry. During Phase 1 (the binge phase), we recommend paying attention to the fat content of the foods you consume, and this will help make sure you never experience this.  Phase 1 is all about taking in more fat than normal.  We caution you to choose fatty foods rather than sugary foods – think macaroni and cheese rather than cheesecake.  If you do find yourself hungry, take heart – this usually only lasts a couple of days, then goes away. There are, however, a few specific things you can do on the HCG Weight Loss Program that won’t interfere with your weight loss to help you with this HCG side effect.

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  1. Increase your water consumption to deal with HCG side effects. Most people think they drink enough water. They don’t! Increase your water intake while you learn how to lose weight fast, and this should take the edge off your hunger, as well as have a variety of other health benefits including clearing out any toxicity which is released from the fat being burned on the HCG injections.
  2. Drink green tea to help with the hungry side effects of HCG.  Relax with a cup of tea and focus on more positive ideas while your body is busy burning off fat.  Many times it is the habit of eating that is causing the problem, not any real hunger in the tummy.  Don’t let “mental” hunger derail your best efforts with the HCG Weight Loss Program.  Many people eat to avoid feeling certain emotions.  Support your desire for a healthy body by dealing with these emotional issues with a professional counselor or supportive friend, and enjoy the positive effects of HCG injections and a trim and healthy body.
  3. Create a distraction to help deal with any hunger-related HCG side effects.  Take a nice walk, have a hot bath, do some deep breathing exercises, play with puppies or kittens, or get lost in a good book to deal with the side effects of HCG.  If it was your habit to think about food to the point of being obsessive, then you need to find other interests.  Give your mind other food for thought … besides food.  It may be helpful to find something to do with your hands that is constructive and productive, such as crafting, needlework, woodworking, or writing the Great American Novel.
  4. Reconnect with your motivation to counteract any HCG side effects.  Renew your commitment to having a trim and healthy body by learning how to lose weight fast with the HCG Weight Loss Program.  Make some concrete plans to accomplish some of those things you’ve always put off because of your weight.  Try creating a vision board filled with positive images which remind you of your goals and intentions while your body enjoys the positive effects of HCG.  Post your vision board where you will see it often:  on your fridge, next to your bathroom mirror, or use it as a desktop background on your computer.
  5. While on the HCG Weight Loss Program to learn how to lose weight fast, if you still find yourself dealing with the HCG side effects of hungry feelings, and you feel like you’re going to have to cheat, there is only one recommended "cheat" food:  apples.  Have one – and only one – and again be sure to drink plenty of water and green tea.  The positive effects of HCG injections will continue to bring you into the body of your dreams.

The next HCG side effect some people experience is a lack of energy.  This is usually not a problem thanks to the Vitamin B-12 supplement which you will be taking as part of your HCG Weight Loss Program.  Be sure to take your Vitamin B-12 injection daily with your HCG injection.  It is also important that you don’t embark on a rigorous exercise routine during this phase, and that you avoid stress whenever possible.  If you are already accustomed to rigorous exercise or have a very physically active job, it is permissible to continue those activities while on the HCG Weight Loss Program.  It is also important that you get as much sleep as possible to avoid any side effects HCG injections.  This is very important!  In fact, inadequate sleep can interrupt and halt your HCG weight loss entirely.  It is often remarkable how much weight can be lost in one day once you begin getting at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night.

The last HCG Weight Loss side effect which some people have noted is mild headaches. This usually happens during the first two days of the very low calorie diet phase of the HCG Weight Loss Program.  If your binge phase included too much sugar, then a headache is sometimes a result as your body becomes use to not having the sugar.  If you are accustomed to consuming caffeine, this might cause a headache if you suddenly stop when you enter Phase 2.  Usually drinking more water will help with the headache side effect of HCG.  If that doesn’t help, then we would suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever should do the trick with any HCG injections side effects.

Although the HCG Weight Loss Program may seem a bit unusual, the results are amazing and very exciting. Don’t let these minor inconveniences or HCG side effects put you off, because successful completion of the HCG Weight Loss Program means losing more pounds faster than you ever have before!

HCG Reviews: HCG Stories from our Clients

JoAnne P. from San Antonio, TX writes:

Dealing with physical ailments was just my lot in life.  I figured I’d always be that way.  Unfortunately, my weight just kept creeping up.  I had gained 5-10 pounds a year for the last 5 years, and my doctor pointed out the reality of where I’d be in a few years if I keep up this pattern.  I started looking around for a program of some sort to help me before I got any heavier.  I found HCG Weight Loss Injections San Antonio TX on the internet.  I ran the program by my doctor, and she had heard of it and suggested I give it a try.  I’ve been on it for about 30 days now, and just like they say, I’ve lost about a pound a day.  Some days it’s zero, but other days are two or more pounds lost.  I feel so much better.  I’m really satisfied with the results.  Much appreciated, JoAnne P., HCG Weight Loss Injections San Antonio TX


Pete B. from Philadelphia, PA writes:

Last summer, I flew across the country to my niece’s wedding.  Serious wake up call!! The airline made me buy two seats.  I don’t know which hurt more – my wallet or my pride.  At the wedding, I ran into an old drinking buddy from back home, and man did he look great.  He had gone to HCG Weight Loss Philadelphia PA.  When I got back home, I contacted them.  They helped me set up a plan to get this extra weight off and finally get down to a size I like.  I’m just starting on my third course of HCG Weight Loss Injections, and I have about 30 more pounds to lose.  I’ve already lost about 70 pounds, so I’m pretty happy with the program.  Pete B., HCG Weight Loss Injections Philadelphia PA


Maria G. from New Orleans, LA writes:

My family owns a restaurant, so food is an integral part of my life.  I’ve always tried to eat a balanced diet, but I know I had too much fat and sugar in my diet.  We do make the best onion rings in the city.  I expected to hate eating 500 calories a day, but I actually feel better than I have in years.  I never realized how much all the fat and sugar dragged me down.  The clinical advisers at HCG Weight Loss Injections New Orleans LA were the best – they answered all my questions and were so encouraging.  I’m getting all my family on this program, too.  I bet we will collectively lose over a thousand pounds.  Isn’t that wonderful!  Thank you so much, Maria G., HCG Weight Loss New Orleans LA


David K. from Portland, OR writes:

I was the same weight for most of my life and pretty active and athletic, but getting a promotion to a desk job really changed things.  I started putting on weight like crazy.  I tried cutting back.  I tried getting to the gym more often, but the stubborn fat around my middle just wouldn’t budge.  A really buff dude at the gym told me about Where to Buy HCG Weight Loss Injections Portland OR, and I gave them a call.  HCG Weight Loss injections are crazy good – it was like the belly fat just melted away.  I thought I would be hungry on the low calorie part, but I wasn’t.  This stuff is amazing.  Thanks guys!  David K., HCG Weight Loss Portland OR


Debbie W. from Salt Lake City, UT writes:

When I was a kid, I was skinny, but as I got older and life started getting harder, I used food to cope with my problems.  Obviously, it didn’t work, and it created more problems.  Now I’ve learned some coping skills through counseling and my church, but somehow I just wasn’t able to take the weight off.  One day I saw an ad for “Where to Buy HCG Weight Loss Injections Salt Lake City UT” and I sent them an email to ask for more information.  I actually remembered hearing about this treatment during the 60’s when I was just a kid.  A friend of my mom’s had really turned her life around by losing a lot of weight with HCG.  I decided to give it a try.  I am so happy that I did.  I wasn’t really diligent with Phase 2, but I did my best.  I learned that I really need to count my calories every day to not go over the allowed amount.  I did a second course of HCG Weight Loss Injections and really took off the weight I need to lose.  I’m so happy!  Many thanks, Debbie W., HCG Weight Loss Injections Salt Lake City UT



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